April 25, 2019
Kevin Verpaele

Having a child during high school would often dissuade college pursuits and the dash toward long-held dreams. But for Elmhurst, Illinois-born Kevin Verpaele, it simply meant dedicating his time and energy toward the game of football as well as his burgeoning family. With baby daughter and first child Kaley in tow, Verpaele and his then-girlfriend Kathleen Pao attended the University of South Florida. Kevin Verpaele was awarded a football scholarship for his attendance. The couple lived off campus, raising their daughter while completing their studies. Verpaele would depart football practice early two days per week and arrive to daycare for Kaley in full uniform. During his senior year of college -- now married to Rao -- Verpaele not only was named captain of the USF football team, but he had his second child with his now-wife, naming him Karys Football in recognition of the sport that carried him through college.